The C-Block

Just another random building! Created using Sweet Home 3D. A free architectural design software application. Developed on a Debian and openSUSE (GNU/Linux) powered desktop PCs.

Take a tour of the ‘build’ here.

CB Front
Front Entrance
CB Inside
Main Entrance (Upper)

A large foyer area used for social gatherings. Tea/Coffee and snacks available. WiFi accessible for those wanting to catch up with the World.

CB Lower
Canteen (Lower)

Staircase and lower corridors lead to a number of ICT Suites, offices, storage cupboards and toilets.

CB ICT Suite
ICT Suite

One of 8 ICT Suites available. Incorporating the latest technologies. Each including an Interactive TV Displays; 32 Desktop PCs…. and much more!

CB Front
Outside Front Side

Picnic area available for those wanting some fresh air. A Window service hatch enables people to order snacks without having to enter the main building itself.

CB Rear Entrance
Rear Entrance

Rear access to the building is possible via the double doors on the left. The middle rear section is made from glass to provide as much natural light into the main foyer area as possible.


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